With a Measure of Grace

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The Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant
By Blake Spalding and Jennifer Castle

With a Measure of Grace
recounts with sensitivity and humor the tale of a Buddhist-based restaurant becoming a community anchor in a small Mormon town.

Within the book's 160 color-photographed pages, Blake Spalding and Jen Castle share their trials, tribulations, and successes as the co-owners and chefs of Hell's Backbone Grill, a remote culinary gem in Boulder, Utah, which despite all odds has won the acclaim of the national press, as well as the respect of its neighbors for its seasonally-oriented, place-based cuisine.

Signature recipes, lively anecdotes, and a healthy dose of old-fashioned rural wisdom make With a Measure of Grace a colorful, delightful, unforgettable read. H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche is Blake's primary teacher of Buddhism, and thus she has included a chapter in this book devoted to his teaching.