Vajrakilaya Thangka Print - A4

Vajrakilaya Thangka Print - A4


Giclee Print by Robert Beer
7.25" x 9.75"

Vajrakilaya, meaning the “Dagger of Indestructible Reality”, is one of the eight wrathful yidam or meditational deities of the Nyingma oral Mahayoga transmissions. He is a wrathful aspect of Vajrasattva, and associated with the 'enlightened activity' of Amoghasiddhi Buddha and the Karma Family; while his consort, Diptachakra, is regarded as a wrathful emanation of Green Tara. Vajrakila's practices are designed to remove both inner and outer obstacles, where the inner obstacles are essentially the afflictive emotions of egoism, and the outer obstacles are the negative forces eliminated through the performance of the four rites of pacification, enrichment, subjugation, and wrath. Vajrakila is also known as Vajrakumara (Tib. Dorje Shonnu), the “Youthful Vajra.” - Robert Beer