Treasures From Juniper Ridge


The Profound Treasure Instructions of Padmasambhava to the Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal

Commentary by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Treasures from Juniper Ridge is a marvelous new collection of terma (revealed texts) that brings together a range of revelations – from meditation instruction and the Dzogchen view to advice for women householders and a description of the bardo. It is the third part of a series of teachings of Padmasambhava. As translator Erik Kunsang says in his preface, this third book is more subtle and insightful than the previous two volumes: Dakini Teachings and Advice from the Lotus-Born.

Erik faithfully followed the command of Tulku Urgyen to "Translate everything. Remain faithful to the original. Don't correct anything, and don't leave out the view, otherwise Padmasambhava looks too pietistic." This volume is primarily presented as short dialogues and Q & A sessions between Padmasambhava and his disciple Yeshe Tsogyal. Its content is profound, relevant, subtle and highly magical. Throughout Padmasambhava provides some very unique antidotes to the various impediments to meditation as well as timeless revelations one can savor indefinitely.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche (1921-1996) was widely acknowledged as one of the great meditation masters of modern times, and starts the book off with a delightfully direct dzogchen teaching.

Softcover | 192 pages