Tourmaline Pink Tealight

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This handmade tea light or small votive candle holder is designed in the shape of an open lotus flower with three rings of translucent capiz shell petals. It is available in pearl, amethyst, mango, tourmaline pink, citrine yellow, aquamarine, and rubellite red ~ please see

The shell's edge and base are gold colored, with the entire holder measuring 5" wide by 2" high. It ships in a sturdy clear plastic gift box and includes a product description insert.

These holders are made in Pananque, Philippines under the guidance of Mr. Chito Navoa and his extended family. Single capiz shells are extracted by hand and individually placed in the handcrafted metal frame of the lotus flower by craftsmen who then polish, paint and lacquer each piece. The Navoa family business supports many talented artists and craftsmen, giving them an opportunity to make a decent living in their local area.

Capiz shells are the outer shell of a marine mollusk more commonly known as the windowpane oyster ~ once cleaned, the shells are naturally translucent and, when painted, allow for a glorious interplay between light and color.