Tibetan Buddhist Paintings Notecards

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20 notecards depicting Tibetan Buddhist paintings of four beautiful pieces of iconography, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The four images are:

  • Rahula, Chuda-panthaka, and Pindola-Bharadvaja, c. 1800-1900.
  • White Tara, the goddess of compassion.
  • The Buddha Shakyamuni with attendants, c. 1800-1900.
  • Manjushri, the god of wisdom, c. 1700-1800.

These notecards feature reproductions of superb thangkas from the Avery Brundage collection of the Asian Art Museum, one of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art. Painted scrolls, such as those reproduced here, evolved over time from simple visual aids used by wandering storytellers into icons or thangkas the creation of which is regarded as a religious ritual.

5 x 7" blank notecards with envelopes.