Things I Did When I Was Hangry


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Navigating a Peaceful Relationship with Food
By Annie Mahon

Mindful eating has been shown to improve body acceptance, diminish negative self-talk and support weight loss. As Ms. Mahon so eloquently writes: "to become mindful of what we eat is as important as how mindful we are of every other aspect of our lives."

After years of struggling with eating disorders and anxiety around food and eating, Annie Mahon figured that having a path, any path, is helpful. When she read The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh, she changed her relationship with food and transformed nearly every aspect of her life. In Things I Did When I Was Hangry, Annie shares her path to mindful cooking and eating. The book fits together like a wheel, rather than sequential steps. Readers are invited to jump in and take what works for them.

Each section has a short, humorous story about Annie’s own journey toward more conscious cooking and eating. She shares mindfulness practices that support more ease around food, plus journal questions to help you look more deeply at the roots of your thinking. Simple, delicious vegan recipes compliment each section, demonstrating mindful alternatives for every meal, including eating at work and school, eating at restaurants and on vacation, and mindfully feeding friends and entertaining. Annie Mahon’s recipes and suggestions are scaffolding anyone can use to build their own mindful kitchen and eating practices.

"As I read this book cover to cover (I was shocked I could not put down a book about food!) I got to better understand and appreciate my, dare I say, relationship with food. Ms. Mahon brings to life the realism of how we all (deny it all you want!) deal with food to cope with every day issues ~ including the family dynamic. How deep it runs parallel with pretty much every behavior we create for ourselves. Addictive personality (i.e. not food) is the driver in how we spend time with family and friends, how we see the world and interact with our communities."

Softcover | 256 pages