The Wheel of Life: Buddhist Perspective on Cause and Effect


By Dalai Lama

Foreward by Richard Gere / Translated by Jeffrey Hopkins

Using the traditional Buddhist allegorical image of the Wheel of Life and the teaching of the twelve links of dependent origination, the Dalai Lama deftly illustrates how our existence, though fleeting and often full of woes, brims with the potential for peace and happiness. We can realize that potential by cultivating a wise appreciation of the interdependency of actions and experience, and by living a kind and compassionate life. A life thus lived, the Dalai Lama teaches, becomes thoroughly meaningful for both oneself and for others.

This book was originally published under the title The Meaning of Life.

Publisher: Wisdom Publications (September 29, 2015)
Length: 160 pages
ISBN13: 9781614293279