The Color Dragon


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By David Everest
Softcover | 24 pages

"Long ago, in a distant past beyond memory, there was a time when there was no color ~ only black and white and shades of gray. . ."

This original book by David Everest (Lama Norbu), Chagdud Rinpoche's longtime student, is a story based on the common wish to transform the world for the better, and the inner transformation of a hero. The book is beautifully illustrated by Susan Alexander, a brilliant and innovative local Trinity County artist, and is suitable for all school-age children.

There is a lovely teaching at the close: "Joseph thought carefully about the last missing color. Maybe he was being just like the dragon hoarding all the colors. Why keep it for himself when it could decorate the world and make so many happy? The next day the entire village gathered around as Joseph threw the seventh color up into the sky. As the Violet sphere arched across the sky, it completed the rainbow. Everyone was completely delighted. The colors of the world had finally returned."