Streaming Waves on a Wondrous Ocean

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This extremely concise biography is based on the essential points from a small selection of His Eminence’s own extensive Namthar, or traditional outer, inner, innermost and secret autobiography spanning his past lives through the present. The biography blends these points with the author’s personal recollections, Lama Tenzin Phuntsok, of stories he heard directly from His Eminence and members of the Ripa family during his many years of service to them. This is an extremely rare glimpse into the inner life, experiences and external circumstances of this great Tibetan Buddhist master.

Terton Namkha Rinpoche is one of the few remaining Tibetan yogi masters of his generation and an embodiment of the living lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Born during a tragic period for a nation whose destiny was changing forever, he was brought up in extraordinary circumstances and subsequently fled across the Himalayas into a new life in exile.