Red Vajrasattva Teachings CD


Teachings by Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche to partake in a Red Vajrasattva drubchen or an extended retreat, 1 MP3.

"I want to foster both the study and practice of the mahayana teachings and those that form the basis for the vajrayana. For students who commit themselves to a long-term process of training, I plan to guide them, step by step, in the accumulations and purification of the preliminary practices; and in the main body of practice, which includes the stage of development, the stage of completion (including the higher yogic meditations and physical exercises), and the Dzogchen approach of trekchö and tögal.

In teaching such students, I teach in accordance with the unerring and noble path established by the masters of the three lineages, which provides the means for anyone to attain the omniscient state of buddhahood. But whether or not one gains such attainment or awakens to buddhahood, depends primarily on one's own devotion and commitment to practice."

Tulku Sang-ngag Tendzin
June 8, 2000