Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth


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Subtitle: A Tibetan Buddhist Guidebook: Includes a CD of Guided Meditations
Author: Tulku Thundup
Softcover ~ 240 pages

"A remarkably lucid distillation of Tibetan Buddhist teaching on how the state of our minds in life affects the nature and quality of our experiences in death . . . . A provocative and surprisingly compelling work that will appeal to beginners and advanced practitioners alike" Publishers Weekly

"A healing treasure from Tulku Thondup: a clear, complete, and compassionate guidebook to the journey through life, dying, death, and beyond. Accessible and authentic as always, he brings to the ancient Buddhist teachings his deep and gentle understanding of the modern world. Drawing on an extraordinary range of sources, including the Tibetan near-death experiences, he shows to what extent the quality of our life, death, and rebirth all depend upon the mind. By following the spiritual practices and straightforward practical guidance given here, any one of us can learn to transform not only our life, not only our dying and death, but also our future lives, and so even the future of humanity." Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

"Tibetans by nature are joyous. This comes from having teachings on death and life. Tulku Thondup has opened this vast treasury of knowledge in a clear, simple, and powerful way for the modern audience." Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, author of Turning the Mind into an Ally

"From the richness of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and from the depth of his own experience as yogin and teacher, Tulku Thondup illuminates the mysteries of death and rebirth in this most welcome new book. He explains fully and clearly each stage of the process that leads from this life to the next, illustrating them with stories from the delog'd spiritually gifted men and women who have returned from death in order to relate their experiences. The book contains a valuable section devoted to the care and support of those who are approaching death, and includes a selection of meditations and rituals that may be used to help the dying and the dead, which will be of great benefit to many people. Above all, at every stage Tulku Thondup offers us practical methods of training the mind here and now, in preparation for the journey we must all eventually make." Francesca Freemantle, author of Luminous Emptiness: Understanding the Tibetan Book of the Dead