Now That I Come to Die

Subtitle: Intimate Guidance from One of Tibet's Greatests Masters
Author: Longchenpa
Foreword by Tarthang Tulku
Softcover ~ 158 pages

The poetic rendering of Longchenpa's final advice to his disciples is a joy to read (try reading it aloud!) and to personally contemplate as to what is truly important in this lifetime. Now That I Come to Die is a compilation of Longchenpa's parting injunctions and teachings by this great master on the Four Immeasurably Great Catalysts of Being. The first text, an inspiring expression of joyful being flowing spontaneously from the depths of this great master's realization in lucid poetry of great beauty, was translated by Herbert V. Guenther and originally published in Crystal Mirror V.

The second text, Longchenpa's root teaching on the Four Immeasurables is taken directly from Chapter Seven of the first volume of Kindly Bent to Ease Us. The third text contains Longchenpa's own commentary on the Immeasurably Great Catalysts of Being. A key Mahayana teaching, the Four Immeasurables can be elevated through practice into the gateway to the inconceivably sublime realm of being that lies beyond the reach of words and concepts, beyond all residues of self and other.

For this compilation, published to present these precious teachings in a format that can be easily carried and consulted, Tarthang Tulku prepared an overview of Longchenpa's life and lineage, offering his thoughts on some of Longchenpa's teachings on impermanence, the inseparability of mind and shunyata, and the all-inclusive, all illuminating Dharmadhatu.

This new volume also includes the master's own commentary on Chapter 7 of Kindly Bent to Ease Us, Volume 1 which presents The Four Immeasurable Qualities of Equanimity, Love, Compassion, and Joy, the inner resources for strength, serenity, and well-being.