Lapis and Pure Silver Kalachakra Gau

A gau is a Tibetan Buddhist amulet generally worn as a necklace, and often contains written prayers, images, mantras or relics. This gua is composed of pure silver and lapis with the Kalachakra syllable on the front of the pendant. The Kalachakra is a term used in Vajrayana Buddhism that means wheel of time or "time-cycles".

Thus, the Kalachakra tradition revolves around the concept of time (kala) and cycles (chakra): from the cycles of the planets, to the cycles of human breathing, it teaches the practice of working with the most subtle energies within one's body on the path to enlightenment. The Kalachakra deity represents buddhahood and thus omniscience.

The Kalachakra ceremonies performed worldwide are dedicated to both individual and world peace. The Dalai Lama explains: “It is a way of planting a seed, and the seed will have karmic effect. One doesn’t need to be present at the Kalachakra ceremony in order to receive its benefits.”

Dimensions of gau are 1.69" x 1.10" x 0.39"