Exquisite Pure Meteorite Vajra - 9 Prong

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This exceptional 5 inch vajra is made purely of meteorite and one of a kind. It was hand-crafted by Natsog Dorje, one of the most exceptional ritual implement craftsmen in the world.

Note: The blue color of the vajra is from a thermal oxidation of the metal. If handled often, the color will fade.

About Natsog Dorje:

Natsog Dorje is an artisan sculpture studio and foundry workshop dedicated to develop entirely authentic ritual objects and images to support Vajrayana practices. The Buddhist workshop arose from the desire to fulfill the complete requirements of the creation of these objects. They are a group of old Dharma practitioners: qualified painters, sculptors and jewellers who for several years, with the blessings and guidance of many Tibetan teachers, have developed and created a variety of unique items.