Double Vajra Bell & Dorje Mat


This lovely red brocade mat is used to place your bell and dorje (vajra) during prayer ceremonies and individual meditation practices, or on one's shrine. The mat is made from traditional Tibetan style brocade, with a double dorje in the center ~ it was handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by local artisans.

The dorje symbolizes the male principle, representing method (compassion), and is held in the right hand. The bell symbolizes the female principle, representing wisdom (emptiness), and is held in the left hand.

Dorje is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. The symbolic nature of a diamond is strength with the ability to cut any surface but not be cut itself ~ the thunderbolt is a powerful and irresistible force of enlightenment. Thus the Tibetan dorje represents firmness and power of spirit ~ a symbol for the nature of reality, or sunyata, indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity.

The square mat measures 5.5" x 5.5" (small-sized).