Dazzled by Daylight

Subtitle: Dzogchen Beara
Author: Peter Cornish
Hardcover ~ 328 pages

Dazzled by Daylight
is the captivating story of how its near-blind author built his childhood dream on a remote clifftop in the far southwest of Ireland. Told with irreverent humour, it’s the account ot a battle with convention and the elements to create a refuge from the increasing cycle of competerive consumption.

From a rebellious youth, we’re takes on a personal trip through the 60's, to a Tibetan monastery in Scotland. The author befriends Chogyam Trungpa, as Tibetan Buddhism arrives in the West, and embarks on his quest to establish the radiant teachings, in the twin distant outposts of Ireland and his own mind.

In a spectacular location in West Cork, he and his wife find a derelict farm. Having no electricity, water or road, they start work with a horse and cart. With the confidence of amateurs, and equipped only with mindfulness and gelignite, they transform a wind-blasted cluster of ruins into a wooded retreat village, creating the charity that is Dzogchen Beara today.

This is an inspiring story of one man's spiritual quest who, with the guidance of lamas of the Dzogchen lineage, reveals a gradual opening of awareness, interwoven with humouous anecdotes about his struggle to establish the first Tibetan Buddhist centre in Ireland.