Colorful Auspicious Symbol Set - Imperfect


NOTE: This item may have some imperfections in the painting. All clearance item sales are final. 

This gold-colored Auspicious Symbols set is a nice addition to any shrine of worship, suggested, but not limited to an elaborate Vajrayana Buddhist Shrine.

The Umbrella represents the activity of keeping health intact and freedom from disease and harmful forces as well as sufferings of temporary and lengthy periods in the 3 lower realms.

The Golden Fish represent the auspiciousness of beings being without fear, migrating through the ocean of suffering(samsara) with a spontaneous, free ease.

The Vase of Treasure represents longevity, wealth and prosperity and all benefits of worldly and liberated.

The Lotus Flower represents purification of the three doors and blossoming of virtuous activity in the state bliss-emptiness.

The Right-coiled Conch represents the deep, far reaching and melodious sounding qualities of Dharma teachings, meeting the various levels of acumen and predispositions, awakening beings from the sleep of ignorance, urging them to accomplish welfare of beings.

The Endless Knot represents Buddha's teachings on the ever-continuing nature of the 12 links of dependent origination, triggering Samsara, but also represents the infinite wisdom of the Buddha.

The Victory Banner represents when the gods placed a banner of victory, commemorating and celebrating Buddha's victorious accomplishment having finally defeated the armies of mara, and attaining Enlightenment.

The Dharma Wheel represents the teachings Buddha gave, with the specific spokes representing the eight-fold Noble path.

Each set of teachings Buddha gave was known as a turning of the wheel.

  • each are approximately 4" tall