Bhutanese Lhawang Driden Incense - Long

Generated entirely in the Tibetan Buddhist custom in a country rich in tradition, this beautiful incense combines precious herbs, powders, plants, and barks to create a unique aroma that acts both as an anesthetic balm and a deep spiritual offering. It has been manufactured under the strict Buddhist traditional method and in the most hygienic environment in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan, known as "Menjong" meaning the valley of medicines in the Buddhist world, is situated in the eastern Himalayas.

This incense requires over 30 different rare herbal species. The burning of this aromatic incense not only pleases the deities, but also has a soothing effect on human beings. The lingering aromatic of incense makes monasteries, homes, offices, and other sacred places like the abode of Gods. This brand of incense is popularly known as Lhawang Driden Incense in Bhutan.

30 sticks - 15" long.