18K Gold Bam Seed Syllable Pendant


This 18K gold BAM seed syllable pendant was expertly crafted by our very own master jeweler, Jörg Cantieni, especially for Tibetan Treasures.  BAM is the seed syllable for many deities and dakinis, including Yeshe Tsogyal. 

  • 18K gold
  • Measurements: approximately 1" diameter
  • Chain is not included

A message from Chagdud Khadro about Jörg Cantieni's Jewelry:

Historically, the first jewelry was not ornaments but amulets for protection and spiritual power. Tibetan meditation master Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche usually wore an amulet box on his belt and another smaller one on a chain around his neck, and he admired the jewels of other lamas – diamonds that symbolized the brilliance of absolute nature, rubies and red corals that symbolized magnetizing power, turquoises that could be imbued with vital life force.

Therefore, when Rinpoche met Swiss master jeweler, Jörg Cantieni, their collaboration began spontaneously and has continued, in a spiritual sense, even after Rinpoche’s Parinirvana in 2002. Rinpoche opened the sky treasury of Vajrayana deity practice for Jörg and in return, Jörg offered jewels of unsurpassed beauty and profound symbolic meaning to Rinpoche: a dragon ring set with a magnificent diamond, symbolizing Vajra speech, sound/emptiness; gold bell and dorje counters, which His Holiness the Dalai Lama declared were as perfect as any he had ever seen; an exquisite bow and arrow, symbolizing compassion and wisdom – as well as a longevity vase symbolizing supreme generosity – for the Red Tara in Tara garden at Khadro Ling; seed-syllable pendants, representing the essence of the deities’ mind; the crowns of the stupas at Khadro Ling, expressing the zenith of enlightenment.

As an expression of his gratitude to Rinpoche and the Sky Treasury of practice that Rinpoche bestowed upon him, Jörg has created p’hurba pendants set with sapphires from Burma.

While working with pure metals and precious stones, he prays that whoever has brought these substances from the treasury of the earth will someday be blessed by the Treasury of the Sky. He has offered his skills for the benefit of Khadro Ling’s and all Tibetan Treasures of Chagdud Gonpa.

-Chagdud Khadro