A Roll of Thunder From the Void


Subtitle: Vajrakila Texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition ~ Volume Two
Translated by: Rig-'dzin rdo-rje (Martin Boord)
Hardcover ~ 432 pages

This important collection of teachings from the Northern Treasures Vajrakila cycle includes liturgical practice texts, or sadhanas, from the original treasure revelations, together with explanatory notes and commentaries by the seventeenth century master Padma 'phrin-las on how to take these practices into a closed retreat and employ them for the highest benefit of oneself and all living beings. It is a sequel to Bolt of Lightning and has been translated into English with Tibetan and Sanskrit script.

Having become empowered in the mandala of Vajrakila by a master guru, trainees may use the skilful esoteric techniques, described herein, in order to develop a profound experiential certainty of the true nature of reality. These texts are practice manuals, designed to be studied by disciplined individuals who wish to train themselves in skilful altruism. They are traditional methods for overcoming the instincts of egoistic self-interest, allowing the mind to become focused on the general welfare of the world, so that beneficial changes of great social value may be brought about in both thought and behaviour.

Painstakingly researched and annotated, this volume includes English translations of eight important texts, together with much of the original Tibetan. Within the instructions for the preparation and protection of the retreat area are hitherto unpublished details of the means to suppress the various classes of afflicting demons (sri) that are potential causes of downfall for all tantric yogins. This is an ancient and vital aspect of vajrayana ritual practice that has been much neglected until now.