Wishfulfilling Tree - A3 & A4

A4 - 8.25" x 11.75"
A3 - 11.75 x 16.5

Giclee Print by Robert Beer

This symmetrical tree is composed of many auspicious and precious elements, with a wide variety of flowers, buds and leaves, with clusters of triple-gems and triple-fruits forming its dense canopy. Rainbows emanate from the jewel-hearts of the five lotuses at the top, representing the Five Buddha Families, with the discs of a white moon and golden sun appearing as the polarity symbols of method or skillful means and pristine awareness. A necklace of Tibetan etched agates or Gzi stones, a silk scarf, multicolored silk valances, loops of precious gemstones, and jewel chains bearing rubies and rudraksha beads, with little silver bells hanging below. A blazing eight-faceted gem appears at the heart of the tree, with pairs of auspicious white pheasants appearing on either side. A stack of round multicolored jewels appears at the base of the tree, with the eight emblems of the chakravartin or 'universal monarch' appearing behind. - Robert Beer