An Overwhelming Hurricane


Overturning saṁsāra and eradicating all evil
Texts from the cycles of the Black Razor, Fierce Mantra & Greater than Great
Vajrakīla Texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition
volume five

by Rig-’dzin rdo-rje (Martin J Boord)

The final volume in the Vajrakīla Texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition series contains a collection of twenty-five rare treasures from the original revelations of Rig-ʼdzin rgod-ldem and commentaries by skilled masters of the lineage. Including teachings from the cycles of Mantrabhīru and Mahottarakīla, recommended only for those who have studied the earlier volumes in the series, these profound treasures strike at the very core of our being and explain the methods by which one’s innermost beliefs, hopes and fears may be realigned in order to release an awesome hurricane of destructive power that will sweep away all falsehood. The eye of the storm, however, is serenely peaceful and pervaded by a sense of joyful liberation, confident understanding and loving compassion. May these teachings be encountered by worthy recipients!

Edition khordong at Wandel Verlag, Berlin, 334 pages, with illustrations, English and partly tibetan, sewn pages, hard cover,