French Ornate Bleu Journal

Small - Lined
Medium - Lined

These elegant, handstiched journals takes pen and ink beautifully and lie flat when open for ease of use ~ perfect for dharma teaching and study notes. Features include a memento pouch, handstitched coptic binding, ribbon marker, and acid free, archival paper. Available in three models: [small, 3.75" x 5.5", 176 lined pages]; [medium, 5" x 7", 144 lined pages]; and [large, 7" x 9", 144 lined pages].

Europe was exposed to the soft shimmering sensuality of silk via the Silk Road from China. With the invention of the silk loom in 1804, artisans were able to create increasingly intricate designs. These journals are exactingly printed to recreate the luminosity and look of silks from this classic era, and this series is dedicated to the luscious fabrics of the Jacquard loom silk weaving tradition of France.