Foiled Journal

Small - Lined
Medium - Lined
Medium - Unlined
Large - Unlined

These elegant, handstiched journals takes pen and ink beautifully and lie flat when open for ease of use ~ perfect for dharma teaching and study notes. Features include a memento pouch, handstitched coptic binding, ribbon marker, and acid free, archival paper. Available in five models: [small, 3.75" x 5.5", 176 lined pages]; [medium, 5" x 7", 144 lined pages]; [medium, 5" x 7", 144 unlined blank pages]; and [large, 7" x 9", 144 unlined blank pages].

Capturing the flavour of Renaissance-style binding at its zenith, these handsomely embellished journals are a delight for the hand and the eye. During this remarkable period of classical revival, manuscripts were renowned for their exquisitely crafted covers made of fine Moroccan leather, handtooled in gold with delicate foliage patterns. Brought to Europe via the flourishing trade routes to the Far and Middle East, this style of ornamentation lent a new vibrancy and lightness of design that was not present in medieval manuscripts. The timeless beauty of these antique books is brought into the present with these finely wrought binding reproductions.