Lamps of Clarity Text - Clearance

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This collection of daily practices of Chagdud Gonpa includes:

  • Empowerment Tracker
  • All-Pervasive Sense Pleasures, Sur Offering
  • Black T’hröma
  • Daily Practice of the Lion-Faced Dakini
  • Drolod, Tamer of Maras
  • Guru Dragpo, the Wrathful Guru
  • Hayagriva Namchag Pudri, the Razor of Meteoric Iron
  • Longevity Sadhana of T’hang-tong Gyalpo 
  • Manjushri
  • Metzeg Purification 
  • Riwo Sangchhod
  • Standing Red Tara
  • Sur: Offering of Nourishment Through Scent (Concise Offering) 
  • The Open Door to the Secret Path (Red Vajrasattva)
  • The Wrathful Lama Takhyung Barwa
  • Vajrakilaya
  • White Vajrasattva
  • Yeshe Tsogyal

This is a restricted text. Empowerment from at least one of the included practices or permission from a qualified teacher is required to purchase.