The Dharma of Star Wars


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Author: Matthew Bortolin
Softcover ~ 153 pages

“What is the Dharma? And what in Sith spit does it have to do with Star Wars? Well, if you’re like me, it has everything to do with that glorious galaxy far, far away . . .” Here, the modern space saga and the ancient words of the Buddha illuminate each other in playful and unexpectedly rewarding ways, answering questions such as Is Yoda a Zen Master? Do Jedis practice mindfulness? Did attachment cause Darth Vader’s turn to the Dark Side? Covering everything from A New Hope to The Clone Wars, this revised and expanded edition provides a unique take on the intergalactic epic and an inspiring introduction to Buddhism."

In short, consistent chapters, Matthrew Bortolin, an ordained member of Thich Nhat Hanh's Buddhist community, explores themes such as suffering, mindfulness, karma and transcending the dark side. In explaining what nirvana is, Bortolin compares it to the all-pervasive Force stipulating that nirvana isn't a Buddhist heaven or a blissed-out mental condition, but "the very absence of ideas and conceptualization." He describes Jedi meditation as a parallel discipline to the Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation where Jedi knights "get in touch with reality as it truly is," observing their minds with calm compassion and allowing greater understanding of the present moment.

"With humor, strong examples and timeless wisdom, Bortolin offers a new way to think about a pop culture phenomenon. Lead us to Yoda, he does." (Publishers Weekly)