Tara's Coloring Book


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Softcover | 53 pages

Artists: Andy Weber and Nigel Wellings

For decades, people have enjoyed coloring these exquisite line drawings by contemporary masters of Tibetan Buddhist religious paintings. With this new, easy-to-use format, you too can color the most important figures in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon.

Visualizing Buddhas and deities in specific detail is a traditional part of Buddhist meditation. Monks study for years, from instructions passed down generation by generation, the precise techniques, geometry and coloration required. Now, these beautiful, rich images are available for you to color - whether for formal meditation, stress relief, or just to appreciate their beauty. 

Included are images and descriptions of: Shakyamuni Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Vajrapani, Green Tara, Vajradhara, A stupa, Guru Rinpoche, Naropa, Milarepa, Je Tsongkhapa and Directional Guardians. 

A fine and fun learning and practice tool for all ages.