Marpa, Milarepa & Gampopa Statue Set - 8 inch


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The three statues – Marpa, Milarepa and Gampopa, are beautifully crafted and are a true support to any disciple looking for encouragement on the path to enlightenment. Fully gilded with gold faces, this three-statue set is deeply inspirational for your Dharma practice.

  • Includes 3 statues: Marpa, Milarepa and Gampopa
  • Fully gilded
  • Approximately 8” height.

Milarepa, the famous yogi and Tibetan saint, is an inspiration throughout Tibet. His teacher, Marpa, brought the troubled student through many trials of purification of negative karma, leading him to attain full enlightenment in one lifetime. Milarepa's main student, Gampopa, is said to be a very high monk who integrated Atiśa's teachings and Tilopa's teachings on Mahamudra, helping to establish the Kagyü lineage.