Guru Rinpoche Statue - 6 inch


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This fine 6” Guru Rinpoche statue is fully gilded with an inviting, compassionate face. This smaller statue is perfect for a quaint, but inspirational shrine!

Guru Rinpoche, or precious teacher, is commonly known as Padmasambhava - the 'lotus born'. Known as the second buddha who propagated the Buddhadharma throughout Tibet, he is considered the complete embodiment of all Buddhas of the three kayas.

• 6” tall
• Fully gilded
• Fine detail
• Handmade in Nepal

This particular form of Guru Rinpoche is formally known as Nangsi Zilnon - one who prevails over all that appears and exists. His right hand bears the vajra in an extended way, holding it in a sacred gesture that tames the negative power of dualistic self-clinging. In his left hand he holds a skull cup, or kapala, with a longevity vase inside, while cradling a trident, or khatvanga in his left arm.