Dying with Confidence


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Subtitle: A Tibetan Buddhist Guide to Preparing for Death?
Authors: Anyen Rinpoche
Softcover ~ 192 pages

Anyen Rinpoche's wise and reassuring voice guides readers through the Tibetan Buddhist teachings on death and dying, while providing practical tools for end-of-life and estate planning. Dying with Confidence reads like a remarkable how-to guide, laying out in clear and straightforward language the preparations we must make and the best practices to use while dying to further our goal of enlightenment.

There are four parts to the book: Part One, "Spiritual Preparations for the Time of Death, an Evolving Meditation on Life and Death" deals with extremely practical matters: What practice to we aspire to master during our lives? What practices do we want to be able to rely on as support for when our lives are ending? Part Two, "Spiritual Practices as the Time of Death Draws Near," describes Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices, or p'howa, from Rinpoche's Longchen Nyingthig lineage as well as the Tibetan perspectives of the stages of death and the bardos. Part Three presents a discussion of medical considerations for the Buddhist practitioner. If we want to practice at the time of death, what medical science is a support and what is a deterrent to effective practice? Part Four describes the role of sangha and the spiritual friend throughout the dying process.

Supporting materials, including sample Dharma Wills and assorted legal documents, are provided in the Appendices.

Anyen Rinpoche is a tulku from Amdo, Tibet, and is an esteemed scholar as well as a heart son of his root Lama, Kyabje Tsara Dharmakirti Rinpoche. He is the fifth in an unbroken lineage of heart sons who received their uncommon lineage of the Longchen Nyingthig directly from the renowned Dzogchen master Patrul Rinpoche. Anyen Rinpoche founded the Orgyen Khamdroling Dharma Center in Denver Colorado where he teaches a shedra for Westerners, hosts an annual Medicine Buddha Monlam, and regularly teaches on death and dying in Dying with Confidence trainings.