Sterling Driguk Bhum Counter


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This sterling silver Driguk Bhum Counter is of fine quality and made by Flavio Crestana.

The driguk, or curved knife, is known as the 'knife of the dakinis'. The knife represents the feminine wisdom consciousness that severs all emotional defilements and concepts.

Bhum, pronounced "boom," is Tibetan for "100,000." Bhum counters can be clipped onto a mala to help keep track of the number of mantra recitations one has completed, either alone or in combination with a pair of counters. For example, you may use a bhum counter to keep track of thousands or hundreds of thousands of mantra by moving it along the mala, one bead at a time.

Measurements are 1.34" x 0.75" x 0.31".

NOTE: The size of the clasp may vary.