Amitabha Copper Statue - 8 inch


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This 8” Amitabha oxidized copper statue has fine detail and is adorned with turquoise and coral accents. Oxidized copper statues highlight details in the craftsmanship, and this statue is no exception. Made by a family of statue makers in Patan, an area of Kathmandu with centuries-old tradition of statue making, this statue is deeply inspiring for your visualization practice.

• 8” tall
• Fine detail
• Oxidized Copper
• Turquoise and coral finishes
• Handmade in Nepal

Amitabha, the buddha of boundless light, is the dharmakaya aspect of the lord of the lotus family. His pure land is called Sukhavati, or Dewachen, and is believed to be the only pure land that can be attained by those still progressing on the path to enlightenment.