Authentic Bhutanese Kapala


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Authentic bone kapalas are used as ritual implements in Vajrayana and tantric practices. Traditionally made out of human skull, these skullcups are used to represent the transformation of delusion into wisdom. 

This skullcap has the following qualities:

  • Light color
  • Shiny and clean
  • Deep cup
  • Hook of siddhi
  • Dungpo sumpa

It comes with pictured kapala stand. 


When purchasing a rare, authentic kapala, there are certain qualities to look for. These qualities create the best support for spiritual practice:

  • Light in color
  • Shiny & clean backside
  • Deep 
  • Hook of siddhi - inside hook of cranium can be held on finger
  • Bodhi tree lines - when looking at the inside of the skullcup, the lines coming from the side towards the center are called bodhi trees. The best signs are unbroken branches coming towards the front of the skullcup. 
  • Dungpo sumpa is when the skullcup is clearly split into three sections by three lines. This is an inferior skullcup and one should look at all of the previous qualities when making a purchase. Dungpo dangpo refers to a skullcup that has fused into one piece. These skullcups are considered the best support for practice. All previous qualities can be ignored as this quality surpasses all others. 

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