Pema Jungnay Statue - 14 inch


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This exquisite and rare 14” Guru Rinpoche statue is partially gilded with both gold and silver. With an unpainted face, the gilding highlights the statue in a particularly unusual manner, bringing forth its innate enlightened qualities. This statue is perfect if you are looking for something that will increase your devotion and faith in Guru Rinpoche.

Guru Rinpoche, or precious teacher, is commonly known as Padmasambhava - the 'lotus born'. Known as the second buddha who propagated the Buddhadharma throughout Tibet, he is considered the complete embodiment of all Buddhas of the three kayas.

• 14" tall
• Extra fine detail
• Partially gilded with gold and sterling silver
• Oxidized copper
• Turquoise and coral finishes
• Handmade in Nepal

This particular form of Guru Rinpoche is also known as Pema Jungnay. With his right hand, he holds a five-pronged vajra to his heart, symbolizing the indestructible nature of his wisdom-awareness and emptiness. In his left hand he holds a skull cup, or kapala, with a longevity vase inside, while cradling a trident, or khatvanga in his left arm.