Consecrated Stupa - Small


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A stupa is a physical representation of the enlightened body of the Buddha. These very special stupas were consecrated by Khenpo Ugyan Wangchuk. He is an advanced level Bhutanese monk that has studied and practiced Buddhism since the age of 7. An expert on the teachings and ritual practices of Terton Padgyal Lingpa and the Kusum Gongdu cycle, he is one of the primary disciples of Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche and has received the title of Khenpo – equivalent to a PHD – in Buddhist studies.

- Dimensions: 6.75” tall, 3.9” diameter
- Plastic wood base, metal alloy base and top, acrylic center
- Contains the following substances:

  • Red Vajrsattva pill
  • Long life pills
  • Mani pills
  • Misc. other dutzi pills
  • Enlightened body, speech and mind pills
  • Very special wealth pills
  • Great mantras & many other mantras
  • Secret medicine pills from Bhutan
  • Secret earth and water pills from India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

NOTE: Consecrated items cannot be returned unless they are damaged.